Wave Drapery

Customer favorite for its modern, uncomplicated look that never loses its perfect shape. The beautifully shaped folds stack neatly when your drapery is opened, return with just right spacing when closed. It comes with special rod sets are available in Deco Metal, Euro Track, Metro Track and Lexington Hardware Collections.

Take a closer look at our Wave Drapery

Wave Drapery is shipped in 7 business days.

Why Choose Wave Fold Drapery?

  • With subtle movement and tailored style, our Wave Fold Drapery is a favorite choice for casual and formal spaces. Our classic style perfectly complements any fabric, pattern, color and interior aesthetic
  • The wide, smooth waves keep their shape while traversing open or closed for a cleaner, more modern look

Room Applications for Wave Fold Drapery

Room Application for Wave Fold

Large Windows

Bring added depth and drama to large windows with Wave Fold Drapery. Smooth traversing rods, easy-to-use drapery wands and uniform waves result in large, well-dressed windows with minimal styling.

French Door Solutions

French Doors & Sliding Doors

Designed to always hold their shape, our Wave Fold Drapery is a smart and stylish choice for sliding doors and French doors. The perfect balance of form and function, they require little to no adjusting, even in high-traffic areas.

Things to Consider

  • Folds stack neatly when open and have just-right spacing when closed thanks to shape-retaining headers, pre-placed mounting hooks and traversing hardware
  • Crafted in the USA with quality details, our Wave Fold Drapery features built-in fullness, weighted bottom hems, double-turned side and bottom hems, blind stitching and color-coordinated thread
  • Traversing hardware comes free with your Wave Fold Drapery to ensure trouble-free installation and operation. We offer wood and metal options; choose from Euro Track, Deco Metal, Lexington or Metro Track

Wave Fold Drapery Design Tips

Dress it up

If you have room, go six to twelve inches wider than your window (on both sides). It will help your window look and feel larger.

Mount Style

For an ultra-clean, modern look with nearly invisible hardware, mount your Wave Fold Drapery to the ceiling using Euro Track Basics hardware.

Hardware Style

Find the hardware that suits your style. Our classic collections are Lexington and Deco Metal. For a modern look, choose Metro Track (wood with metal finials).