Solar Shades

Spend your time indoors comfortably with our fade-free Solar Shades. This tastefully minimalistic design reduces glare and heat by diffusing bright sunlight in your home’s most sun-drenched spaces.

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  • We offer both cordless and cord-loop control options for optimal child and pet safety.
  • Reduces UV rays and heat while still enabling stunning views to show through.
  • Lighter materials block more heat and provide less daytime view, while darker materials ensure maximum glare reduction and better daytime visibility. Choose Koolblack or Chroma materials to ensure the most energy efficiency.
  • Available in three levels of opacity (openness).
  • A striking décor addition on their own, or layered with fabric drapery and cornices.
  • GREENGUARD certified. (Each product meets stringent chemical emissions requirements, ensuring low VOCs.)
  • Handcrafted in the USA.
Solar Shades are shipped in 5 business days.

Why Choose Solar Shades?

  • Enjoy the view with our innovative Solar Shades. These smith & noble originals are adept at reducing glare and the UV rays that cause fading, while still allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors
  • Solar Shades reduce heat in sun-facing rooms and feature a versatile style that complements a variety of interiors, from formal and modern to casual and traditional.
  • All Solar Shades comes standard with your choice of child-safe loop control or cordless
  • Solar Shade materials are GREENGUARD certified, which means each product meets stringent chemical emissions requirements, ensuring low VOCs
  • Motorization Raise and lower shades with the touch of a button - Motivia is the most affordable and user-friendly motorization available. Shades without lift cords are the safest option for homes with children and pets, and Motivia motorization is simple and easy to install and use

Room Applications for Solar Shades

Solar Shades for Living Rooms

Living Rooms

Control the light and heat in one of the largest gathering spaces in your home. Solar Shades are a top pick for living rooms because they cut down glare, which is critical in rooms with media. They also feature a versatile style that pairs well with drapery and cornices.

Solar Shades for Dining Rooms

Dining Rooms

With their clean lines and superior materials, our Solar Shades fit well in a range of dining spaces. They allow you to enjoy in-door meals when the days are long and the sun is still high in the sky - and they never take away from a gorgeous view.

Things to Consider

  • A stylish choice for sunny rooms, Solar Shades cut glare, lower heat and dramatically reduce UV rays
  • Choose from three levels of opacity (openness) to get the right amount of light blocking for your space. Lighter materials block more heat and offer less daytime view, while darker materials give you the maximum glare reduction and better view-through during the day
  • We offer cordless controls on our Solar Shades. Shades are crafted with the most durable operating system available, allowing them to rise smoothly and slowly
  • Cordless Solar Shades are exceptionally safe option for homes with small children or pets
  • Decorative cassettes come in your choice of white, black or bronze, and feature a fabric inset that matches your shade. Aluminum valances are available in brushed aluminum, bronze, black, white or ivory

Solar Shade Design Tips

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Our shade materials make it easy to achieve true energy efficiency. New Koolblack technology combines the reflective interior light offered by darker-colored shades with the cool energy efficiency of a lighter color. Our Chroma materials feature a reflective coating on the backside for maximum light blocking, daytime privacy and energy efficiency.

Layer For Privacy

Combine Solar Shades with drapery panels to strike the perfect balance of energy efficacy, glare reduction and privacy. Solar Shades by themselves are not private at night and only partially private during the day.

Coordinating Panel Track

Our panel track lets you unify the look of all doors and windows in a room. Unlike many systems out there, ours doesn't use Velcro - panels snap into a holder and never need to be adjusted. They slide easily using a wand or cord and stack neatly behind the first panel.