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    • Enter the dimensions for your custom design in inches.

      Dimensions    What's this  
      • Measuring Guide Installation Instructions
      • Width (in.)
      • Height (in.)
    • Inside Mount: mounted within the window frame. Small deductions will be taken to ensure proper fit.

      Outside Mount: mounted on wall or molding surrounding the window.

      Mount    What's this  
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      • answer image
    • 2-with-1 Valance    What's this  
      2-with-1 Valance[clear]
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      • answer image
    • Multiple Blind Width    What's this  
    • Ladder Style    What's this  
    • All of our Wood Blinds come with a sleek standard wood valance. For enhanced style, and to complement other molding or trim in your room, consider one of our 6 exclusive and very affordable Valance Upgrades.

      Standard and Westchester Valance styles are 3" in height. Georgetown Valance style is 3-1/2" in height. Rope Valance style is 4" in height. Our elegant Crown style Valance requires 2" additional wall clearance on each side crown style is available for outside mount only.

      Valance Style    What's this  
      Valance Style[clear]
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    • Valance Keystone    What's this  
      Valance Keystone [clear]
    • Inside Mount Return

      Returns enhance the fine furniture look of inside-mounted Wood Blinds by covering the sides of the headrail that extend beyond the window frame.

      Outside Mount Return

      The standard return for outside mount is 2-1/2". This size will be extended if extension brackets are requested.

      Valance Returns    What's this  
      Valance Returns [clear]
      • Clearance Depth
      Return Depth [clear]
    • Valance Width    What's this  
      • Custom Valance Width
    • Give your Wood Blinds the finished appearance of fine furniture with Rounded Corners. Especially effective with larger slat styles.
      Slat Corners    What's this  
      Slat Corners [clear]
    • Wand or Cord Tilt: Our Wood Blinds come standard with cord tilts (2 hanging cords). A wand tilt (shown at left) is also available. Wand is approximately 2/3 the height of the blind. Wand tilt operates with a twisting motion. Wand tilt not available with Loop Control.

      If your window is located in a hard-to-reach place and need the tilt to hang lower, a longer wand or cord can be requested.

      Tilt Style    What's this  
      Tilt Style [clear]
      Tilt Size [clear]
      • Custom Wand Length
      • Custom Cord Tilt Length
    • Cordless Wood Blinds will come with the tilt cord or wand on the left side.
      Control Position    What's this  
      Tilt Position [clear]
      Left Blind Tilt Position [clear]
      Left Blind Cord Position [clear]
      Right Blind Tilt Position [clear]
      Right Blind Cord Position [clear]
    • Hold downs: Clips are mounted at the bottom of the window treatment. This option is great for securing your treatment on doors or in windy locations.

      Extension Brackets: Used for outside mount installation requiring additional clearance between the window treatment and the mounting surface. Clear obstructions such as molding, window cranks, door handles, etc. Blinds over 72" in width will come with center support brackets.

      Hardware    What's this  
      Hold Down [clear]
      Extension Brackets [clear]
    • Product Label    What's this  
      Room Type [clear]
      Window Description

    Review your selection below-you can click on any option to review or make changes. Once you have completed & confirmed your information, add the item to your cart.

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