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    • General tips

      Use a metal measuring tape to ensure accuracy.
      Round down to the nearest 1/8".
      Measure every window, even if they appear identical.
      If you're measuring more than one window in a room, work from left to right and label every window.
      Download a handy worksheet here.

      Mounting inside window frame

      Inside mounts provide a finished, built-in look, without covering the window molding. You need a minimum of 2" unobstructed mounting depth within your window frame (most product styles). If your frame isn't deep enough for the style you've chosen, use an outside mount.

      Please note that inside mounted treatments will have a light gap; if you need maximum light control and privacy, consider an outside mount.

      1. Measure the inside width as indicated below:

      Please note: If the top measurement is not the narrowest width, you need a custom valance. Call us to place your order.

      Your blind or shade will be made slightly smaller than the size you specify to allow operating clearance. Do not add to the size of your product for a tighter fit. If you do, it will not fit properly inside your window.

      2. Measure the frame depth from the closed window, or any obstacle such as a window handle, crank or alarm sensor, to the edge.

      Obstacles can interfere with your treatment's operation, and you may wish to consider an outside mount.

      Mounting outside window frame

      Outside mounts can make a window appear larger. When windows are not square, or there is insufficient frame depth for inside mounting, an outside mount is recommended.

      Please note that a minimum of 2" flat surface above the window or on the window frame is required for mounting brackets (most product styles).

      1. Measure the outside width of the area you wish to cover. If space allows, we recommend adding overlap to reduce light per the chart below. This is your ordering width.

      2. Measure the height of the area you wish to cover. If space allows, we recommend adding overlap to reduce light per the chart below. This is your ordering height.

      Download complete measure guide.
      Dimensions    What's this  
      • Measuring Guide Installation Instructions
      • Width (in.)
      • Height (in.)
    • Inside Mount: mounted within the window frame. Small deductions will be taken to ensure proper fit.

      Outside Mount: mounted on wall or molding surrounding the window.

      Mount    What's this  
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • 2-with-1 Valance
      2-with-1 Valance[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • Multiple Blind Width
      • Left Width (in.)
      • Right Width (in.)
    • Standard Ladder: Wood slats come standard with cording and route holes.

      Ladder Tape: Practical can be stylish! Add light control and a dash of style. Ladder Tapes cover route holes so sunlight won't poke through when blinds are closed. Cover route holes with Solid Twill or Decorative Ladder Tape for designer style. Note: Linen, Herringbone and Diamond ladder tapes will have a coordinating solid twill on the street side.

      Routeless Ladder: An ingenious slat design that works without route holes, so even less light shows through when blinds are closed.

      Ladder Style    What's this  
      Ladder Style[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • The valance conceals headrail and adds architectural interest. Blinds come with a standard valance, or select the valance style that best complements your look.

      Standard and Westchester Valances are 3" in height. Georgetown Valance is 3-1/2" in height. Chelsea Valance is 3-1/4" in height.

      Valance Style    What's this  
      Valance Style[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • All Wood Blinds ordered 96" and wider will come with the valance spliced in the middle. The keystone is used to join the two pieces where the valance was spliced. For blinds less than 96" wide you have the choice to add the keystone to match a large blind in the same room.

      Valance Keystone    What's this  
      Valance Keystone[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • Inside Mount Return

      Returns enhance the fine furniture look of inside-mounted blinds by covering the sides of the headrail that extend beyond the window frame.

      Outside Mount Return

      The standard return for outside mount is 2-7/8" with cord or Motivia Motorized tilt and 3-1/4" with wand tilt. This size will be extended if extension brackets are requested.

      Valance Returns    What's this  
      Valance Returns [clear]
      • Clearance Depth
    • Return Depth
      Return Depth [clear]
    • Valance Width
      • Custom Valance Width
    • Give your Wood Blinds the finished appearance of fine furniture with Rounded Corners. Especially effective with larger slat styles.
      Slat Corners    What's this  
      Slat Corners[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • Lift System
      Lift System[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • Wand or Cord Tilt: Our Wood Blinds come standard with cord tilts (2 hanging cords). A wand tilt (shown at right) is also available. Wand is approximately 2/3 the height of the blind. Wand tilt operates with a twisting motion. Wand tilt is not available with Loop Control, blinds will tilt open with the use on the Loop Control cord.

      If your window is located in a hard-to-reach place and need the tilt to hang lower, a longer wand or cord can be requested.

      Tilt Style    What's this  
      Tilt Style [clear]
      Tilt Size [clear]
      • Custom Wand Length
      • Custom Cord Tilt Length
    • Control Position
      Loop Length [clear]
      Tilt Position [clear]
      Cord Position [clear]
      Left Blind Tilt Position [clear]
      Left Blind Cord Position [clear]
      Right Blind Tilt Position [clear]
      Right Blind Cord Position [clear]
    • Hold downs: Clips are mounted at the bottom of the window treatment. This option is great for securing your treatment on doors or in windy locations.

      Extension Brackets: Used for outside mount installation requiring additional clearance between the window treatment and the mounting surface. Clear obstructions such as molding, window cranks, door handles, etc. Blinds over 72" in width will come with center support brackets.

      Hardware    What's this  
      Hold Downs [clear]
      Extension Brackets [clear]
    • Product Label
      Room Type [clear]
      Window Description

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