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    • Hinge Color

      Hinge Color

    • Enter the dimensions for your custom design in inches.

      Product Dimensions
      • Width (in.)

      • Height (in.)

    • Before taking any measurements, you need to decide if your Shutters will be mounted inside the window frame recess (Inside Mount) or outside the window on the wall or trim (Outside Mount). We recommend an Outside Mount in most situations because it is more forgiving of unsquare windows (see Measuring Guide to determine if you windows are square). Even if your windows have enough frame depth for Inside Mount (min. 2" with 2 1/2" louvers; min. 2 1/2" with 3 1/2" louvers), you may prefer the extra room darkening and privacy Outside Mount provides, since greater window coverage reduces light leak at shutter edges. Café Shutters cover only the bottom half of the window. Full Panel Shutters cover the entire window.


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    • Louver Size
    • Frame Style

      Poly Shutters are available with 3 different frame styles.You may choose from a stylish Trim Frame or Z Frame for a decorative look, or for a simple apperance choose our L Frame. You can view all 3 stlyes below.

      Trim Frame Used for inside mounts in openings with drywall returns and without trim. May be ordered with Sill Frame at bottom for openings with a window sill. Because the extended leg has been removed, the bottom frame will sit flat on window sill. The Sill Frame will be positioned at the bottom unless otherwise specified.
      Z- Frame Used for inside mount applications only. Blends well with all types of trim. Excellent for slightly out of square windows because the extended leg covers any imperfections. Jamb depth required is a minimal 1 1/4". May be ordered with Sill Frame at the bottom for openings with a window sill. Because extended leg has been removed, the bottom frame will sit flat on a window sill. The Sill Frame will be positioned at the bottom unless otherwise specified.

      L- Frame May be used for inside mounts if window openings are square, or outside mounts directly on top of trim or beside trim. For an inside mount, on out-of-square openings caulking or the optional L-Frame Cover Strip may be necessary to cover any uneven gaps. The optional L-Frame Cover Strip may be ordered on the Order Form. The Cover Strip is glued to the face of the L-Frame.

      Frame Sides

      Frame Sides You may select either 3 or 4 sided frame. When selecting your number of frame sides you must specify the frame style for each side, ie. Left, Right, Top and Bottom. When ordering your frame all sides must be the same style except for the bottom of the shutter. The bottom frame side can be the same as the others or you may choose to have no frame or a window sill frame. A window sill frame is designed to sit on top of your window sill and is only available on inside mounted shutters (cafe or regualr).


      Left Frame

      Right Frame

      Top Frame

      Bottom Frame

    • Number of panels

      Each Shutter you order will be constructed as one, two, three or four panels that are hinged together. You may have a choice as to the number of panels, depending on your window width (available choices in your width will be automatically displayed when you select). If you have more than one set of shutters in a room, we recommend keeping panel widths similar from window to window, for visual appeal.

      Divider Rails

      Divider rail is required if shutter panel height is over 60” (50” if bifold). A second divider rail is required if panel height is over 90”. Distance between rails must be less than 50”. Although added strength is the main feature of a divider rail, it also allows bottom louvers to be fully closed for privacy and top louvers open for light. This is a No Charge Option.

      Open Direction

      When ordering Poly Shutters you have many options for which direction your shutter panels can open to. See all choices below.
      1 Panel open from right to left
      1 Panel open from left to right
      2 Panels open from right and stack left
      2 Panels open from left and stack right
      2 Panels open from the center and stack on both sides
      3 Panels 2 shutter panels open from the right and stack left, 1 panel opens from left and stack right
      3 Panels 2 shutter panels open from the left and stack right, 1 panel opens from the right and stacks left
      4 Panels Shutter ordered with 4 panels will open fromt eh center and stack on both sides.

      Divider Rail

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      • answer image

      Number Of Panels

      Open Direction

    • Product Label

      Room Type

      Window Description

    3 1/2" Poly Shutters


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    • Top Frame: ____
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    • Divider Rail: ____
    • Number Of Panels: ____
    • Open Direction: ____
    • Room Type: ____
    • Window Description: ____
    • Material:
    • Hinge Color:
    • Size & Mount:
    • Frame:
    • Panel:
    • Product Label:
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