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    • Enter the dimensions for your custom design in inches.

      • Width (in.)

      • Height (in.)

    • Inside Mount: mounted within the window frame. Small deductions will be taken to ensure proper fit.

      Outside Mount: mounted on wall or molding surrounding the window.



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      • answer image
    • Select in Bronze, White or Black, all colors come with insert that matches your shade material. Covers included Loop Control mechanism.


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    • Loop Control allows you to raise your shade smoothly with little effort. This feature allows for even placement of your shade when it is partially raised. Our Loop Control is available in your choice of colored plastic bead or metal chain, or a standard white braided nylon cord. Plastic bead chains are available in white or black; Metal bead chains are available in bronze or silver.

      Cord loop length depends on the height of your shade; standard length is approximately 2/3 the height of the shade or you may choose a longer or shorter length depending on your specific needs. Loop control cords (either standard; beaded plastic or metal) are available in larger set sizes up to 180".

      Our NEW! Cordless Lift System allows you to raise and lower your Sheer Shades with ease. With this great new lift system comes the added benefit of safety by eliminating all the lift cords. To open and close your shade simply push from the bottom up to open the shade and pull down to lower the shade. The Cordless Lift comes standard with a handle that is mounted to the bottom of your shade so your not using that bottom rail to raise and lower your shade.

      Our NEW! Power Lift System is easy-to-use, cord free and child safe. The Power Lift system allows you to effortlessly adjust the height and vane position of your shade. Simply press and hold the up or down button until you reach the desired shade position. The power lift system is only available when ordering the Decorative Cassette and the wand control will be color coordinated to the color of the cassette system. When ordering a white cassette your wand, pendant and control buttons will be white, when ordering bronze or black cassette the wand will be black with a bronze pendant and white buttons.

      Lift System

      Lift System

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      Loop Color

      Loop Length

      • Custom Length (in.)

    • Control Position

      Wand Size

      • Wand Height (in.)

      Control Position

    • Hold down clips are mounted at the bottom of the window treatment. This option is great for securing your treatment on doors or in windy locations

      Hold Downs

      Extension Brackets

    • An operation pole is perfect to raise and lower your cordless sheer shadings. We offer two sizes of operating poles, a small pole extends up to 6 feet and the large pole extends to 12 feet. Operating poles are ideal for windows that are out of reach or far from the ground. The operating pole will lock into the cordless handle that is used to operate the shade, and you will be able to raise and lower with ease.

      Operating Pole

      Operating Pole

    • Product Label

      Room Type

      Window Description

    3" Horizontal Sheer Shadings


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    • Soft White 15131
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    • Mount: ____
    • Valance: ____
    • Lift System: ____
    • Loop Color: ____
    • Loop Length: ____
    • Custom Length (in.): ____
    • Wand Size: ____
    • Wand Height (in.): ____
    • Control Position: ____
    • Hold Downs: ____
    • Extension Brackets: ____
    • Operating Pole: ____
    • Room Type: ____
    • Window Description: ____
    • Materials:
    • Size & Mount:
    • Valance:
    • Controls:
    • Hardware:
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