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    • Enter the dimensions for your custom cornice in inches between 18" - 141" wide. When ordering, make sure there is additional space available on both sides of window to accommodate cornice thickness. The ordered width will be the outside measurement. Eltham, Arundel & Bamboo cornices inside width will be 2" narrower than ordered width due to thickness of cornice; Arundel Crown inside width will be 7" narrower than ordered width due to crown on cornice. Measure to ensure cornice will have enough depth to clear any undertreatment or moldings.

      Plan to mount your cornice approximately 1-1⁄2" above the window opening, or window treatment.

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    • Cornices are available inside or outside mount. Inside mount cornices are usually mounted over blinds or shades to cover the headrail. The look is neat, clean and uncluttered.

      Outside mount cornices add substance to your windows. They're constructed as a rigid cornice box with a dustcover top and returns that wrap to the wall.

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    • Clearance depth refers to the amount of space between your wall and the inside back of your cornice. This information is important when ordering cornices to be mounted over other window treatments or to clear molding. The overall (outside edge to edge) width will be larger than ordered width due to cornice thickness.

      Recommended Standard clearance is 3-1/2"; 2" - 5" clearances available.

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    • Wide treatments get a crowning touch with this classic architectural feature. Included on Cornices after every 60"; available for smaller width at an additional charge.

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