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  • Malibu/ Ivory 14114
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    • Material: Malibu  Ivory
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  • Malibu/ Natural 14115
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    • Material: Malibu  Natural
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  • Malibu/ Sand 14116
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    • Material: Malibu  Sand
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  • Newport/ Ivory 14118
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    • Material: Newport  Ivory
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  • Newport/ Natural 14119
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    • Material: Newport  Natural
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  • Newport/ Sand 14120
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    • Material: Newport  Sand
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    • Enter the dimensions for your custom design in inches.

      Dimensions    What's this  
      • Measuring Guide Installation Instructions
      • Width (in.)
      • Height (in.)
    • Outside Mount shades are mounted on your wall or molding (rather than within window frame). Even if your windows have enough frame depth for Inside Mount, you may prefer the extra room darkening and privacy Outside Mount provides, since greater window coverage reduces light leak at shade edges.

      Inside Mount shades are contained within your window frame. Classic Pleat Shades require at least a 1/2" frame depth for Inside Mount (required depth varies with some upgrades). You may prefer an Inside Mount because it provides a finished look without covering your molding; it also allows more clearance to layer Drapery, or a Valance over shades. Before choosing Inside Mount, be sure to check your windows for "squareness", since Inside Mounted shades will not operate properly if windows are not "square."

      Side Mount is useful when shades cannot be mounted to the top of the window frame. Maximum width for Side Mount is 48".

      Mount    What's this  
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    • Integrate the appearance of side-by-side windows and increase light control options by having two separate shades operating independently on one headrail. Minimum width 44"; maximum height 120".
      Headrail    What's this  
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      • Left Shade Width (in.)
      • Right Shade Width (in.)
    • Pleated materials gently filter light. For total light blocking in nurseries or media rooms, choose Blackout Lining; add 35%. Lining will have a white streetside appearance.
      Lining    What's this  
      Lining [clear]
    • Standard Lift: Raises + lower shades with cord; keeps dangling lift cords out of the reach of small children or pets with cord cleats. Available in sizes from 12" - 84" wide; 12" - 96" high.

      Top Down/Bottom Up: Lower shades from the top to let in sunlight while preserving privacy, or raise conventionally from the bottom. Available in sizes from 12" - 72" wide; 12" - 96" high.

      Loop Control: Evenly raise, lower shades with a continuous loop secured by a cord guide. Once properly installed, eliminates dangling lift cords for added child and pet safety. Available in sizes from 22" - 84" wide; 12" - 96" high. Not available with Top Down/Bottom Up.

      Cordless Lift eliminates dangling cords and provides extra safety. The cordless lift is ideal for homes where children are present. The headrail will be white with a color coordinated insert. Available in sizes from 12" - 84" wide; 12" - 96" high.

      Lift System    What's this  
      Lift System[clear]
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    • Lift cords raise, lower and position your entire shade. Select either left- or right-side location for your cords, taking into consideration your room configuration, ease of reaching lift cords behind furniture, etc. Cord tassels will be white/off white in color.

      Top Down/Bottom Up shades will have cords on both sides; one to control lowering the shade from the top, the other to control raising it from the bottom.

      2 on 1 Headrail controls will be on the outside of each shade. A cord cleat will also be provided with your shade, which must be installed and used properly to keep dangling lift cords out of the reach of small children and pets.

      Cord Position    What's this  
      Cord Position [clear]
    • No charge option Hold-Down Clips are mounted at the lower corners of your shades to prevent the bottoms from moving; a great choice for shades mounted on doors or in windy locations.

      Your shades will have a standard clearance of approximately 3/8" from the mounting surface. Extension Brackets project your shades further away - 3" for a total of 3 3/8" - from the mounting surface, allowing them to clear obstacles such as door handles, window operating cranks and molding. Extension Brackets may only be used for Outside Mount, and may not be combined with Loop Control upgrade.

      Hardware    What's this  
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      Extension Brackets [clear]
    • Product Label    What's this  
      Room Type [clear]
      Window Description

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