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    • Cosmopolitan Petite Rod Sets are available in a variety of styles.

      Standard Rod Set: For a single layer of drapery, only one rod is usually needed.

      Double Rod Set:Layer two drapery designs on top of one another using a set of two rods that work in parallel.

      Inside Mount Rod Set: For tailored style and to highlight window moldings, consider an inside-mount rod. These rods are held up by two brackets on either side of the wall and do not have finials. They're also an ideal choice for closets and small windows.

      Return Rod Set: The ends of these rods turn back (or "return") toward the wall allowing the fabric to be wrapped around the end of the return to block light. Often times returns are desired aesthetically instead of finials to give windows a clean, contemporary look.

      Compact Rod Set: The compact bracket in these sets allows the drapery to sit closer to the window making it an ideal option for French doors and when low profile solutions are needed.

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    • Adjustable rods come in sizes up to 120" wide.

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    • Cosmopolitan hardware offers 5 finial choices. Finials will add to the overall width of your hardware. When ordering your hardware be sure to take into account the finial dimension listed below. The width of the finial will be added to each side of your hardware rod.

      Finial Style5/8" Diameter Rod 1 1/8" Diameter Rod
      Sphere finial1 1/4" w x 1" h3 3/8" w x 2 3/8" h
      Flute finial1 1/2" w x 1 1/4" h4" w x 2" h
      Square Knob finial1/2" w x 1 1/4" hN/A
      Round Knob finial1 1/4" w x 1 1/4" h2 1/8" w x 2 1/8" h
      Finial    What's this  
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    • Projection refers to the distance the bracket will protrude away from the mounting surface; clearance is the amount of space you have to mount under the hardware. Clearance is important when using hardware to hang drapery over an under treatment such as a wood blind or fabric shade.

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    • Cosmopolitan hardware rings are available in packs of 10. Cosmopolitan petite rings have an inside diameter of 1" and outside diameter of 1 1/4" and will fit rods up to 5/8" in diameter.

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      Add rings in same finish.

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