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  • Coastal/ Linen 17835
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    • Material: Coastal  Linen
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  • Coastal/ Sand 17836
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    • Material: Coastal  Sand
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  • Coastal/ Sunset 17837
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    • Material: Coastal  Sunset
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  • Trickle/ Grey 17843
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    • Material: Trickle  Grey
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  • Trickle/ Ivory 17842
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    • Material: Trickle  Ivory
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  • Zen/ Beach 17838
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    • Material: Zen  Beach
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    • Enter the dimensions for your custom design in inches.

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    • Inside mounted treatments are installed within your window frame, creating a finished, built-in look without concealing your molding. Inside mount is also suggested if you plan to layer another treatment, such as Drapery, a Valance or Cornice, over your blinds.

      Outside mounted treatments are installed on the wall or molding surrounding your windows. An outside mount is often used to make a window look larger, to mask flows in a window or adjacent wall, or when there's not enough frame depth for inside mounting.

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    • Fabric vanes are free-hanging with solid weights sewn into the hem pocket.
      Vanes can also be inserted into a structured backing. The Vane Insert, available in white or ivory, provides added structure, privacy and light control while providing a neutral street side appearance.

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    • Vertical Blinds provide a slim stack when drawn open to preserve your view. Choose to have your blinds stack to the left, or to the right. Split stack will open from the center, then stack evenly and compactly to each side.
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    • Valance Returns
    • Extension Brackets project your shades away from the mounting surface, allowing them to clear obstacles such as door handles, window operating cranks and molding. Offers 6" of clearance.

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