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    • Smith+Noble products are custom made to your exact measurements; Inside mounted products will have a deduction taken of approximately 1/4" to ensure a proper fit inside your window frame. Enter your measurement in inches. Outside mounted products should be ordered at the exact width of the area you wish to cover.

      When mounting outside your window frame we recommend adding 3" to the total width (1 1/2" each side) and 3 1/2" to the height (2" at the top and 1 1/2" below the window sill). The overlap is recommended to allow appropriate coverage and avoid any light gaps. All farbic shade styles are available up to 108" in height and 120" wide.

      Please note: Fabric shades wider than 48" may have seams.

      Dimensions    What's this  
      • Measuring Guide Installation Instructions
      • Width (in.)
      • Height (in.)
    • Outside Mounted blinds or shades are mounted on your wall or molding (rather than within the confines of your window frame). Outside Mount is often used when windows are not "square"; to make a window appear larger; to hide a less-than-attractive window; or when there is not sufficient frame depth for Inside Mounting.

      Inside Mounted blinds or shades are contained within your window frame. You may prefer an Inside Mount because it provides a finished, built-in look without covering your window molding. Inside Mount is also suggested if you plan to layer Drapery, a Valance or Cornice over your treatment.

      Mount    What's this  
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    • Slim Headrail Requires less depth to mount shades flush with window frame. Perfect for French doors and windows with shallow frames. Slim Headrail has a projection of 1 1/4" so if you are limited on window depth this is a great solution. Slim Headrail is not available with Loop Control, Cordless or Top Down/Bottom Up lift systems.

      Standard Headrail requires a minimum depth of 1 5/8" to be mounted within your window frame. For a flush mount you need 1 3/4" of flat surface to mount your shade.

      Headrail Orientation    What's this  
      Slim Headrail[clear]
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    • 2-on-1 Headrail Integrating two separate, independently operating shades on a single valance and headrail can make side-by-side windows look like a single unit, while providing more light control and flexibility in operating your shades, since each has its own lift cord. This upgrade is also recommended for large windows and/or heavier materials. When you order 2 on 1 headrail with fabric shades your overall width comes split equally in half.

      Two On One Headrail    What's this  
      Two Shades On One Headrail[clear]
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    • Order Type    What's this  
    • Loop Control Loop Control replaces traditional dangling lift cords - which can pose a danger of entanglement for small children and pets - with an innovative closed loop mechanism that lets you easily and evenly raise, lower and precisely position your shades, while giving your windows a sleek, uncluttered look.

      Top Down Bottom Up This lift system allows you to raise your shades from the bottom (how a standard shade operates) or lower them from the top. Top Down is a great feature when you want to let in the natrual light but keep your privcay by leaving the bottom of the shade closed. Top Down Bottom Up is available on Flat Roman, Classic Roman and Reverse Classic shades.

      Cordless Lift Cordless lift system allows you to raise your shade without having to use any cord mechanism at all. Shades are easily raised by using a wooden tassel that is placed in the center of the back of the shade above the hem. Cordless lift is kid and pet friendly by eliminating the lift cords from your shade. Cordless lift is available on Flat Roman, Classic Roman and Reverse Classic shades.

      Lift System    What's this  
      Lift System[clear]
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      Remote Or Wall Switch [clear]
      Channel To Program [clear]
    • Lift cords raise, lower and position your entire shade. Select either left- or right-side location for your cords, taking into consideration your room configuration, ease of reaching lift cords behind furniture, etc. A cord cleat will also be provided with your shade, and we strongly encourage its use to keep dangling lift cords out of the reach of small children or pets. When ordering Top Down Bottom Up there will be two cords on your shade. Both cords will come with cord lock to allow you shade to lock in place.

      Cord Position    What's this  
      Cord Position[clear]
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    • Add visual interest + a distinctive accent to your shades' bottom hemline with delicate Skirted Braid or regal Tassel Fringe Trim. Or add clean-lined modern sophistication with Ribbon Banding Trim, available in an array of styles + colors. Ribbon Banding may be placed in any of three ways on your shades: on the two side edges; on both side + bottom edges; or inset 2" inches from the sides + bottom hem.

      Ribbon Banding trim is available on Flat Roman and Soft Roman shades as an inset or edge banding or on all 3 sides of the shade. Ribbon banding on Relaxed Roman shades will be placed on the left and right side edges only.

      All other trim styles will be placed on the bottom edge only of your shade.

      Trim    What's this  
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    • Trim Placement    What's this  
      Trim Placement [clear]
    • Cordless Fabric Shades may be ordered with a valance if you prefer. Choose this option if you're trying to match cordless Fabric Shades youve bought from us prior to October 9, 2015. You may see Fabric Shades with valances in some photos on our site and in our catalog; choose this option to match the look.

      Valance    What's this  
    • Love your shades even more with an array of linings, which extend the life of your shade. Linings protect against fading; improve energy insulation, light control and privacy; and add extra body to fabrics. All Linings present a white streetside appearance.

      Privacy Lining is a 70% polyester/30% cotton blend, semi-opaque with a soft hand and slight sheen. Privacy lining comes standard on your fabric shade for all non-sheer fabrics.

      Blackout Lining is a 70% polyester/30% cotton blend, 3-ply lining with an acrylic backing. Blackout lining adds stiffness to your shade, is opaque and will require manual adjustments to smooth fold and pleats. Blackout lining is available in White or Ivory. Please note there may be light spots where fabric and lining are sewn together.

      Insulation Lining provides a white sateen on the outside to improve streetside appearance, the flannel on the inside of the lining adds more insulation. The two layers in one lining make your shades easier to dress and add heft to lighter-weight fabrics. Insulation lining is available in white or ivory.

      Note: We recommend Lining for 100% linen materials in order to prolong the life of the fabric, protecting your treatment from sunlight. Lining also helps prevent UV ray damage of flooring and interior furnishings. Fabrics that are 100% silk require lining.

      Lining    What's this  
      Lining [clear]
    • Extension Brackets project your shades away from the mounting surface, allowing them to clear obstacles such as door handles, window operating cranks and molding. Extension Brackets add 1" to your shade's clearance. Extension brackets may only be used for outside mount shade installations, and may not be combined with Loop Control upgrade.

      Extension Brackets    What's this  
      Extension Brackets [clear]
    • Product Label    What's this  
      Room Type [clear]
      Window Description

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