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  • Del Ojo/ Indigo 17457
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    • Material: Del Ojo  Indigo
    • SKU: 17457
  • Folksy/ Eclipse 17455
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    • Material: Folksy  Eclipse
    • SKU: 17455
  • Folksy/ Samba 17454
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    • Material: Folksy  Samba
    • SKU: 17454
  • Houston Stripe/ Cherry 17477
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    • Material: Houston Stripe  Cherry
    • SKU: 17477
  • Persia/ Samba 17489
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    • Material: Persia  Samba
    • SKU: 17489
  • Punjab Paisley/ Indigo 17458
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    • Material: Punjab Paisley  Indigo
    • SKU: 17458

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    • When ordering your valance, we suggest planning to mount your valance approximately 1-1/2" above window opening or undertreatment. Take width measurement of opening, or outside mounted treatment that the valance will be mounted over, and add at least 1" width to provide operating clearance. When mounting over another window treatment, order clearance depth at least 1" greater than the "flush mount depth" of the undertreatment.
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      • Measuring Guide Installation Instructions
      • Width (in.)
      • Height (in.)
    • Clearance depth refers to the amount of space between your wall and the back of your valance. This information is important when ordering valances to be mounted over other window treatments or to clear moulding. We offer 3 options for clearance depth, 2", 3" or 5"

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    • Center Pleat
    • A variety of decorative trims are available to further customize many of our Fabric Top Treatments. Choose from glass beads or ribbon banding, and many other styles. Our trim offerings have been carefully selected to match any of our fabrics from our fabric collection.
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