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    • Metro Track hardware is available as single or double rod sets, either in flat or round rod style. Double rod sets have a back rod that hangs 1/4" below the front rod. Rod sets include rod, glides, wand, brackets, and splice if needed. Round Rod diameter is 1-1/2" and can also be ceiling mounted.

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    • Metro Track Flat hardware rods come in custom sizes from 24"- 204". Metro track Round hardware rods are available from 24" - 204" wide. Rods over 106" will include a center splice cap, and will be shipped in two pieces.

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    • Metro Track hardware has two mounting options for the hardware orientation. You can choose to have your hardware mounted as a standard rod which has 1 7/8" height and 1" depth or as a slim rod, which has a height of 1" with 1 7/8" depth.

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    • Metro Track end cap finial is available in different metal finishes. End cap width is 1-1/2" and 1-7/8" for upended; 1" for flat.

      Please Note: Each end cap finial will cover 1-1/2" of rod width ordered. For example, if you wish to cover a width of 150", order 153" wide.

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    • Return Depth
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    • Choose from one-way or split draw for your hardware. Maximum width for one-way draw is 106" wide.

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    • Choose from 2" Standard, 4" or 6" extension, or ceiling brackets for your rods. Double rod upgrade available with 4" or 6" brackets only, and is not available with Wave Fold Drapery.

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    • Metro Track aluminum wand is available at 36", 48", or 60" long. Wand color will match the finish of your finial.

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