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    • General tips

      Use a metal measuring tape to ensure accuracy.
      Round down to the nearest 1/8".
      Measure every window, even if they appear identical.
      If you're measuring more than one window in a room, work from left to right and label every window.
      Download a handy worksheet here.

      Mounting inside window frame

      Inside mounts provide a finished, built-in look, without covering the window molding. You need a minimum of 2" unobstructed mounting depth within your window frame (most product styles). If your frame isn't deep enough for the style you've chosen, use an outside mount.

      Please note that inside mounted treatments will have a light gap; if you need maximum light control and privacy, consider an outside mount.

      1. Measure the inside width as indicated below:

      Your blind or shade will be made slightly smaller than the size you specify to allow operating clearance. Do not add to the size of your product for a tighter fit. If you do, it will not fit properly inside your window.

      2. Measure the frame depth from the closed window, or any obstacle such as a window handle, crank or alarm sensor, to the edge.

      Obstacles can interfere with your treatment's operation, and you may wish to consider an outside mount.

      Mounting outside window frame

      Outside mounts can make a window appear larger. When windows are not square, or there is insufficient frame depth for inside mounting, an outside mount is recommended.

      Please note that a minimum of 2" flat surface above the window or on the window frame is required for mounting brackets (most product styles).

      1. Measure the outside width of the area you wish to cover. If space allows, we recommend adding overlap to reduce light per the chart below. This is your ordering width.

      2. Measure the height of the area you wish to cover. If space allows, we recommend adding overlap to reduce light per the chart below. This is your ordering height.

      Download complete measure guide.
      Dimensions    What's this  
      • Measuring Guide Installation Instructions
      • Width (in.)
      • Height (in.)
    • Inside Mount blinds or shades are contained within your window frame. Our Natural Woven Shades require at least a 1 1/2" frame depth for Inside Mount. You may prefer Inside Mount because it provides a finished, built-in look without covering your molding. Inside Mount also allows more clearance if you plan to layer Drapery, a Valance or Cornice over your shades. Before choosing Inside Mount, be sure to check your windows for "squareness", since Inside Mounted shades will not operate properly or hang attractively if windows are not "square." Click Measure Guide for details.

      Outside Mount blinds or shades are mounted on your wall or molding (rather than within the confines of your window frame). Even if your windows have enough frame depth (1 1/2") for Inside Mount, you may prefer the extra room darkening and privacy Outside Mount provides, since greater window coverage reduces light leak at shade edges.

      Mount    What's this  
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • Slim Headrail Requires less depth to mount shades flush with window frame. Perfect for French doors and windows with shallow frames. Flat Fold shade style not available as Outside mount. The Slim Headrail has 1 1/4" depth, Standard Headrail depth depends on which lift system is chosen. Cordless lift and Loop Control lift systems have a 3 1/2" depth, Top Down Bottom Up and 2 on 1 Headrail lift systems have a 2 1/2" depth.

      Please Note The Slim Headrail is only available with the standard lift system.

      Headrail Orientation    What's this  
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • 2-on-1 Headrail Integrating two separate, independently operating shades on a single valance and headrail can make side-by-side windows look like a single unit, while providing more light control and flexibility in operating your shades, since each has its own lift cord. This upgrade is also recommended for large windows and/or heavier woven materials.

      Specify the left and right width for each side. Total width of the left and right blind must equal the overall width. 2-on-1 Headrail is required for shades greater than 96" wide.

      Two On One Headrail    What's this  
      Two Shades On One Headrail[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • Two On One Headrail Dimensions
      • Left Shade Width (in.)
      • Right Shade Width (in.)
    • Loop Control: Allows you to raise your shade smoothly with little effort. This feature allows for even placement of your shade when it is partially raised; Once properly installed, this cord guide eliminates dangling lift cords for added child and pet safety. Your cord loop length depends on the height of your shade; standard length is approximately 2/3 the height of the shade or you may choose a longer or shorter length depending on your specific needs by selecting custom loop length.

      Top Down/Bottom Up (Flat Fold style): Maintain your privacy while you let in sunshine by lowering shades from the top, or raise them in traditional fashion from the bottom. Includes lift cords on both left and right sides of shade for added convenience and operating ease.

      NOTE: Top Down/Bottom Up upgrade is not available in combination with Loop Control or 2 on 1 Headrail upgrades.

      Lift System    What's this  
      Lift System[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • Loop Length
      Loop Length [clear]
      • Custom Length (in.)
    • Lift cords raise, lower and position your entire shade. Select either left- or right-side location for your cords, taking into consideration your room configuration, ease of reaching lift cords behind furniture, etc. Top Down/Bottom Up shades (Flat Fold style) will have cords on both sides; one to control lowering the shade from the top, the other to control raising it from the bottom. A cord cleat will also be provided with your shade, which must be installed and used properly to keep dangling lift cords out of the reach of small children and pets.
      Cord Position    What's this  
      Cord Position[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
      Left Shade Cord Position[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
      Right Shade Cord Position[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • Motivia Remote Raise and lower an entire room of window treatments with a single remote. Individual shades are outfitted with battery-powered motors. One remote will operate up to 5 shades. Order the remote on the first shade. Select Motivia Remote without remote control for up to 4 more shades. If you want additional remotes, simply order them on the individual shades.

      Motorization Control    What's this  
      Motorization Control[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • Battery Pack Wire The 10" wire will have the battery pack clipped to the headrail of the shade. The 48" battery wire allows you to mount the battery wand lower in the window, to make changing batteries easier. Perfect for very tall windows, or for situations where it's otherwise awkward to get to the top of the shade. You may mount the wand in the window frame as much as 4 feet below the top of the shade with this option.

      Control Size    What's this  
      Control Size [clear]
    • Motivia Motorization Channel Each channel on our 5-channel Motivia remote controls an individual shade, or a group of shades. Simply select the channel you'd like to assign your shade to, and we'll pre-program the remote accordingly. To have a group of shades work from the same channel, select the same channel number while customizing your additional shades.

      If you change your mind later, it's easy to re-assign channels. Simple instructions will arrive with your shade.

      Remote    What's this  
      Remote Channel To Program [clear]
      Left Shade Channel To Program [clear]
      Right Shade Channel To Program [clear]
      Remote Color [clear]
    • Though Natural Woven Shades are beautiful on their own, many shoppers choose to add fabric Edge Binding to artfully frame shades' sides + bottom, while adding a dash of color and great textural contrast. Select from 1/2", 5/8" or 1 1/2" wide Solid Twill or 2 1/2" wide patterned styles. Note: Shades with Cordless Lift will have Edge Binding applied to the sides only.
      Edge Binding    What's this  
      Edge Binding[clear]
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
    • The light + airy nature of many of our woven shade materials may make lining desirable, especially for nighttime privacy.

      (Shown Left) Unlined, Natural Wovens allow light to filter through

      Our Privacy Lining enhances the insulation value of your shades. Both Privacy + Blackout Linings are available in off-white or khaki colors to complement your chosen shade material; off-white colors may vary slightly depending upon woven material selected. For nurseries, bedrooms, media rooms and anywhere complete light blocking is desirable, select Blackout Lining. All Blackout Linings have a white streetside appearance. Blackout lining is not available with material Kaza/Stone 12125

      (2276 Blackout Off-White, Shown Left) With lining, light is blocked

      Lining    What's this  
      Lining [clear]
    • No charge option Hold-Down Clips are mounted at the lower corners of your shades to prevent the bottoms from moving; a great choice for shades mounted on doors or in windy locations

      Your shades will have a standard clearance of approximately 1/2" from the mounting surface. Extension Brackets project your shades further away - 1 1/2" in total - from the mounting surface, allowing them to clear obstacles such as door handles, window operating cranks and molding. Extension Brackets may only be used for Outside Mount, and may not be combined with Loop Control upgrade.
      Hardware    What's this  
      Hold Downs [clear]
      Extension Brackets [clear]
    • Product Label
      Room Type [clear]
      Window Description

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