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    • Inside Mount blinds or shades are contained within your window frame. Our Natural Woven Shades require at least a 1 1/2" frame depth for Inside Mount. You may prefer Inside Mount because it provides a finished, built-in look without covering your molding. Inside Mount also allows more clearance if you plan to layer Drapery, a Valance or Cornice over your shades. Before choosing Inside Mount, be sure to check your windows for "squareness", since Inside Mounted shades will not operate properly or hang attractively if windows are not "square." Click Measure Guide for details.

      Outside Mount blinds or shades are mounted on your wall or molding (rather than within the confines of your window frame). Even if your windows have enough frame depth (1 1/2") for Inside Mount, you may prefer the extra room darkening and privacy Outside Mount provides, since greater window coverage reduces light leak at shade edges.

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    • Choose headrail depth based on your mounting needs. The larger depths are recommended if you are installing the valance over another window treatment. Narrower headrail eases mounting for French doors and windows with shallow frames.

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    • Though Natural Woven Shades are beautiful on their own, many shoppers choose to add fabric Edge Binding to artfully frame shades' sides + bottom, while adding a dash of color and great textural contrast. Select from 1/2", 5/8" or 1 1/2" wide Solid Twill or 2 1/2" wide patterned styles. Note: Shades with Cordless Lift will have Edge Binding applied to the sides only.
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    • The light + airy nature of many of our woven shade materials may make lining desirable, especially for nighttime privacy.

      (Shown Left) Unlined, Natural Wovens allow light to filter through

      Our Privacy Lining enhances the insulation value of your shades. Both Privacy + Blackout Linings are available in off-white or khaki colors to complement your chosen shade material; off-white colors may vary slightly depending upon woven material selected. For nurseries, bedrooms, media rooms and anywhere complete light blocking is desirable, select Blackout Lining. All Blackout Linings have a white streetside appearance. Blackout lining is not available with material Kaza/Stone 12125

      (2276 Blackout Off-White, Shown Left) With lining, light is blocked

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