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    • Petite Cafe hardware is available from 24 - 192" wide for single, double and compact hardware rods. Inside mount hardware has a maximum width of 72". Hardware rods ordered wider than 96" will come with a center splice. Hardware spliced in the center will have a connector screw to connect the two pieces together. This hardware has a 1/2” diameter. The rod width you specify on your order does not include the width of the finials on each end. Finials add 7/8" to 1 3/4" on each end, depending upon the style. Hardware is usually ordered 4" wider than the window opening on each side.

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    • Petite Cafe hardware rods are available as single, double, inside mount or compact bracket rod sets. Double rod sets will come with a 1" back rod and end cap finials. Maximum width for inside mount rod sets is 72", and for single, double and compact bracket rods the maximum width is 192". Rod widths 96" and larger will be spliced and will come with a connector screw; Rods 72" and wider are required to use a center support bracket.

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    • Petite Cafe hardware offers 8 finial choices. Finials will add to the overall width of your hardware. When ordering your hardware be sure to take into account the finial dimension listed below. The width of the finial will be added to each side of your hardware rod.

      Finial Style1" Diameter Rod
      End Cap finial7/8" w x 1" h
      Clear Knob finial1 1/2" w x 1 3/8" h
      Wood Knob finial1 1/2" w x 1 3/8" h
      Clear Square finial1 5/8" w x 1 1/2" h
      Metal Square finial1 5/8" w x 1 1/2" h
      Hammered Ball finial1" w x 1 1/8" h
      Ball finial1 3/4" w x 1 1/4" h
      Oval finial7/8" w x 1 1/4" h
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    • Petite Cafe hardware is available with standard brackets that have a 2 3/8" - 3 1/4" adjustable clearance and 2 7/8" - 4" projection. Projection refers to the distance the bracket will protrude away from the mounting surface; clearance is the amount of space you have to mount under the hardware. Clearance is important when using hardware to hang drapery over an under treatment such as a wood blind or fabric shade. Double rod brackets are only available when ordering double rod hardware, the clearance for double rod brackets is 5 1/2" front, 2 1/2" back rod, projection is 6 1/2". Extension brackets are available for single rods with 5 3/4" clearance and 6 1/2" projection.

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    • Wands are perfect for opening and closing your drapery so you do not have to touch the beautiful fabric. Wands are 5/8" in diameter, will match your hardware rod finish and are available in lengths of 24", 48", 72", 84" and 96".

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    • Petite Cafe hardware rings are available in packs of 10. Steel rings have an inside diameter of 3/4" and outside diameter of 1 1/8" and will fit rods up to 1/2" in diameter.

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      Add rings in same finish.

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