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    • Width: Measure the width you wish to cover: all styles come with fullness built in, so order exact width needed. If space allows, we recommend adding 6" to 12" on each side, beyond window edges: this makes windows look larger and allows fabric to stack clear of windows when drapes are fully open. Wave Fold Drapery is available in set widths only. You will want to choose the size that is closest to the area you wish to cover, if necessary choose a size that is wider than your area to avoid any light gaps.

      Height: Finished height is measured from top to bottom, including tabs or rod pockets. Drapery is most often ordered to be installed 4" above the window or near the ceiling (be sure to add these extra inches to your final measurements). All Drapery styles can be ordered as Valances up to 20" in length.

      Dimensions    What's this  
      • Width (in.)
      • Height (in.)
    • Layer
    • You may order your drapery as Single Panels or in Pairs. Single panel will be made as one panel and you choose the open to direction. Choices are Open to Left or Open to Right. If you are ordering your drapery as a Pair then you will receive two equal panels (the width measurement provided split equally in half).

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    • Your drapery comes standard with fullness built in. Please see the chart below for fullness built in by style and additional upgrade availability. Fullness upgrade is recommended for sheers and other light weight fabrics. 150% fullness means your drapery will be 1 1/2 times the width you order; example if you order a drapery 100" wide the overall flat width will be 150" wide. Same will apply to 200% and 250% fullness; 200% would be 2 times the ordered width and 250% would be 2 1/2 times the ordered width if laid out flat.

      Maximum width for 250% fullness upgrade is 167"

      Drapery StyleStandard FullnessFullness Upgrade
      Casual Pleat200%N/A
      Parisian Pleat200%250%
      Pinch Pleat200%250%
      Single Pleat150%N/A
      Tailored Pleat200%N/A
      X Pleat200%250%
      Fullness    What's this  
      Fullness [clear]
    • "Return" is the depth of where the drapery projects from the front of the rod back to the wall. Returns can give a more finished look to your drapery. Appropriate return depth varies according to the type of drapery rod you are using. Always refer to your drapery rod specifications for the return and/or projection size.

      Return Depth    What's this  
      Return Depth [clear]
    • Pin set choice is available on all Pleated Drapery styles and Soft Top Drapery. Choose from 1-1/2" for Basics Traversing rod styles, or 3/8" for rings or Decorative traversing rods. The 1-1/2" pin set (left pin on above image) will allow your drapery to sit higher and will cover the hardware when closed. The 3/8" pin set (right pin on above image) will allow your drapery to sit lower in order to show the decorative hardware whether the drapery is open or closed.

      You can also choose to hang your drapery using hardware rings. The number of rings needed will depend on your drapery style and size. Use the chart below to determine the number of rings needed. (Click image to enlarge)

      Pin Placement    What's this  
      Pin Placement [clear]
    • Header And Hem
      Header And Hem [clear]
      Header And Hem [clear]
    • Wands are used to open and close your panels without touching the fabric. If ordering left or right open to direction you will receive one wand; if Split draw, you'll receive two wands. Select 36", 60" or 72" clear or white wand length. The clear wand is flexible and works best with sheer or lightweight fabrics. For heavier lined drapery or wide windows we suggest the white wand.

      Panel Wand    What's this  
      Panel Wand [clear]
    • Ribbon banding may be added either flush with, or inset 1-1/4" from, the leading edge.

      Trim    What's this  
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      • answer image
    • Trim Placement
      Trim Placement [clear]
    • Lining choices protect your privacy and your investment. Guard against the fading and damage of sun exposure, while creating more privacy!

      Privacy Lining blocks sun and adds insulation to panels and draperies.

      Our 3-Ply Blackout Lining blocks light completely and is available in White or Ivory color to suit your needs.

      New Insulation Lining is white sateen on the outside to improve your street side appearance, while flannel on the inside adds more insulation than standard privacy lining. Two layers in one lining make shades and drapery easier to dress and add heft to lighter-weight fabrics. Available in White or Ivory.

      Note: We recommend Lining for 100% linen materials in order to prolong the life of the fabric, protecting your treatment from sunlight. Lining also helps prevent UV ray damage of flooring and interior furnishings. Fabrics that are 100% silk require lining.

      Lining    What's this  
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      • answer image
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      Inner Lining [clear]
    • Product Label
      Room Type [clear]
      Window Description

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