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    • General tips

      Use a metal measuring tape to ensure accuracy.
      Round down to the nearest 1/8".
      Measure every window, even if they appear identical.
      If you're measuring more than one window in a room, work from left to right and label every window.
      Download a handy worksheet here.

      Mounting inside window frame

      Inside mounts provide a finished, built-in look, without covering the window molding. You need a minimum of 2" unobstructed mounting depth within your window frame (most product styles). If your frame isn't deep enough for the style you've chosen, use an outside mount.

      Please note that inside mounted treatments will have a light gap; if you need maximum light control and privacy, consider an outside mount.

      1. Measure the inside width as indicated below:

      Your blind or shade will be made slightly smaller than the size you specify to allow operating clearance. Do not add to the size of your product for a tighter fit. If you do, it will not fit properly inside your window.

      2. Measure the frame depth from the closed window, or any obstacle such as a window handle, crank or alarm sensor, to the edge.

      Obstacles can interfere with your treatment's operation, and you may wish to consider an outside mount.

      Mounting outside window frame

      Outside mounts can make a window appear larger. When windows are not square, or there is insufficient frame depth for inside mounting, an outside mount is recommended.

      Please note that a minimum of 2" flat surface above the window or on the window frame is required for mounting brackets (most product styles).

      1. Measure the outside width of the area you wish to cover. If space allows, we recommend adding overlap to reduce light per the chart below. This is your ordering width.

      2. Measure the height of the area you wish to cover. If space allows, we recommend adding overlap to reduce light per the chart below. This is your ordering height.

      Download complete measure guide.
      Dimensions    What's this  
      • Measuring Guide Installation Instructions
      • Width (in.)
      • Height (in.)
    • Outside Mounted blinds or shades are mounted on your wall or molding (rather than within the confines of your window frame). Outside Mount is often used when windows are not "square"; to make a window appear larger; to hide a less-than-attractive window; or when there is not sufficient frame depth for Inside Mounting.

      Inside Mounted blinds or shades are contained within your window frame. You may prefer an Inside Mount because it provides a finished, built-in look without covering your window molding. Inside Mount is also suggested if you plan to layer Drapery, a Valance or Cornice over your treatment.

      Mount    What's this  
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      • answer image
    • Love your shades even more with an array of linings, which extend the life of your shade. Linings protect against fading; improve energy insulation, light control and privacy; and add extra body to fabrics. All Linings present a white streetside appearance.

      Privacy Lining is a 70% polyester/30% cotton blend, semi-opaque with a soft hand and slight sheen. Privacy lining comes standard on your fabric shade for all non-sheer fabrics.

      Blackout Lining is a 70% polyester/30% cotton blend, 3-ply lining with an acrylic backing. Blackout lining adds stiffness to your shade, is opaque and will require manual adjustments to smooth fold and pleats. Blackout lining is available in White or Ivory. Please note there may be light spots where fabric and lining are sewn together.

      Insulation Lining provides a white sateen on the outside to improve streetside appearance, the flannel on the inside of the lining adds more insulation. The two layers in one lining make your shades easier to dress and add heft to lighter-weight fabrics. Insulation lining is available in white or ivory.

      Note: We recommend Lining for 100% linen materials in order to prolong the life of the fabric, protecting your treatment from sunlight. Lining also helps prevent UV ray damage of flooring and interior furnishings. Fabrics that are 100% silk require lining.

      Lining    What's this  
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      • answer image
      • answer image
      • answer image
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      • answer image
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    • Lift System
    • Cord Position
    • Cordless Fabric Shades that are ordered as outside mount will come standard with a valance and side returns. The side return will cover the headrail sides and be fabric wrapped to provide a seamless look. When ordering inside mounted shades you can choose to have no valance.

      Valance    What's this  
    • Extension Brackets project your shades away from the mounting surface, allowing them to clear obstacles such as door handles, window operating cranks and molding. Extension Brackets add 1" to your shade's clearance. Extension brackets may only be used for outside mount shade installations, and may not be combined with Loop Control upgrade.

      Extension Brackets    What's this  
      Extension Brackets [clear]
    • Product Label
      Room Type [clear]
      Window Description

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