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    • Enter the dimensions for your custom design in inches.

      Dimensions    What's this  
      • Measuring Guide Installation Instructions
      • Width (in.)
      • Height (in.)
    • Inside Mount shades are contained within your window frame. You may prefer an Inside Mount as it provides a finished look without covering your molding; also allows more clearance to layer Drapery, or Valance over shades. Be sure to check your windows for "squareness", since Inside Mounted shades will not operate properly if windows are not "square."

      Outside Mount shades are mounted on your wall or molding. Even if your windows have enough frame depth for Inside Mount, you may prefer the extra room darkening and privacy Outside Mount provides, since greater window coverage reduces light leak at shade edges.

      Side Mount is useful when shades cannot be mounted to the top of the window frame.

      Note: To accommodate the roller mechanism, your finished shade fabric will be 1-5/16" to 1-5/8" narrower than you specify on your order, causing a light gap with Inside or Side Mount. If you require maximum light control and privacy, we recommend Outside Mount.

      Mount    What's this  
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    • Standard cord will allow you to raise an lower your shade by using a pull cord. Cords should be used with cord cleats to prevent the cords from tangling and piling on the ground or window sill.

      Top Down Bottom Up allows you to raise your shade from the bottom or lower your shade from the top. To let in light while keeping your privacy by leave the bottom of the shade down and lower the top. Your shade will have two lift cords, right cord will raise the bottom rail, left control will lower the top. Maximum width available is 48"

      Cordless Lift allows you to raise and lower your shade with the use of a handle that is attached to the bottom of the shade. The cordless lift allows for an effortless operation, extra safety and no cords. Maximum width available is 94"; only available on Roller Roman Shades

      Cordless Top Down Bottom Up gives you the benefits of top down bottom up with the combined safety of the cordless lift system. Cordless Top Down Bottom Up allows you to raise your shade from the bottom or lower your shade from the top to let in light while keeping your privacy by leaving the bottom of the shade down. Maximum width available is 94"; only available on Roller Roman Shades

      Loop Control allows you to raise your shade smoothly with little effort. This feature allows for even placement of your shade when it is partially raised. Cord loop length depends on the height of your shade; standard length is approximately 2/3 the height of the shade or you may choose a longer or shorter length depending on your specific needs. Loop control cords are available in larger set sizes up to 180". Maximum width available is 94"

      Lift System    What's this  
      Lift System[clear]
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      Remote [clear]
      Channel To Program [clear]
      Loop Length [clear]
      • Custom Loop Length (in.)
    • Specify Left or Right for Standard Cord or Loop Control lift system.

      Cordless and Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up lift systems will have an easy shade control with push/pull of bottom rail. No lift cords, but shade has visible inner support cords across width. The slow rise system provides a controlled, smooth raise free of cords. Shade stays in place where released.

      Cord Position    What's this  
      Cord Position [clear]
    • Used for outside mount installation requiring additional clearance between the window treatment and the mounting surface. Clear obstructions such as molding, window cranks, door handles, etc.

      No charge option Hold-Down Clips are mounted at the lower corners of your shades to prevent the bottoms from moving; a great choice for shades mounted on doors or in windy locations.
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      Hardware [clear]
    • Product Label    What's this  
      Room Type [clear]
      Window Description

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