Durawood Blinds

Why Choose Durawood?

Clean lines, classic style and an enduring design make our Durawood Blinds a perennial favorite with homeowners. Featuring the look of hand-painted fine wood, they bring supreme insulation, light control and noise reduction to your most well-loved windows. These USA-made designs are water resistant, fire-retardant and won't warp, crack, peel or fade.

Durawood Blinds

Key Features of Durawood Blinds

Wood Look Without the Limitations

Because traditional wood blinds cannot endure high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms, our Durawood Blinds are a popular option for these rooms. Get classic style in a design that resists moisture, and won't fade, warp or crack.

Versatile Slat Sizing

With two slat sizes to choose from, it's easy to find a blind that fits your windows. The 2 inch size is our most popular and is available in six stains and three painted finishes. Choose our 2½ inch slat for larger windows, and for a nearly unobstructed view when fully open. It's available in three painted finishes.

Cordless Control

Give your space a cleaner look with Cordless Durawood Blinds. They raise and lower with a simple pull or push on the center, and open with a cord tilt. Cordless window treatments are the safest option for homes with young children or pets.

Tip: To operate, pull only from the center of the bottom rail. Pulling the blind more from one side or the other will cause the blind to hang unevenly.

Room Applications for Durawood Blinds

Bathroom Blinds


Classically styled Durawood blinds bring light control and privacy to bathroom windows. Because they are built to withstand high moisture, there is never any worry about warping.

Kitchen Blinds


Strong lines bring visual order to one of the busiest rooms of the house. Enjoy light and shade as you see fit, as well as never having to worry about water damage.

Laundry Room Blinds

Laundry Rooms

The clean look of Durawood is perfect for a room that's focused around staying organized. Finished with a valance or hung on their own, they make the hard work of laundering more inviting.

Durawood Design Options and Tips

Ladder Tapes for Durawood Blinds

Ladder Tapes

Give blinds a personalized touch with ladder tape in your choice of hues. They give your blinds more tailored style and help block light entering through route holes.

ladder tapes on durawood blinds

Light Control

Minimize light around route holes by choosing the routeless option, or adding ladder tapes. For complete room darkening, add drapery panels.

Multiple blinds on one headrail

Multiple Blinds on One Headrail

For windows over 72 inches wide, we recommend ordering multiple blinds on one headrail. Each can be operated separately to optimize privacy and light control, and for general ease of use. Precise measuring will help minimize the light gap between blinds.