Metal Blinds

Why Choose Metal Blinds?

Classically styled for a versatile look, our durable Metal Blinds are an attractive and cost-efficient choice for your windows. On their own or layered with drapery, they offer light control that you can count on for years to come. Blinds are durably crafted from spring-tempered aluminum to resist bends and dents, and feature a contoured headrail that helps minimize light seepage.

Metal Blinds

Key Benefits of Metal Blinds

Commercial Use

The smooth, cool look of metal brings a retro, industrial look to any space. And because our blinds are so durably constructed, they're a popular choice for commercial spaces. They offer good light control in a design that's eco-friendly, waterproof, flame retardant and crafted with low VOCs.

Versatile Styling

Our Metal Blinds can work with a range of decorating styles. Depending on the finish and upgrades you choose, they sit with everything from classic to modern decor. Choose black with a coordinating ladder tape for the perfect mid-century modern look. Neutral white or ivory, combined with drapery panels, works well in classic interiors.

Room Applications for Metal Blinds

Metal Blinds for Media Rooms

Media Rooms

Good light control and cool, retro styling make our Metal Blinds a popular choice for media rooms. Whether you're watching movies or at work on a computer, you'll enjoy the absence of sunlight and glare.

High Moisture Areas

Bathrooms or High Moisture Areas

Designed to stand up to extreme moisture, our Metal Blinds are a great choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. They're crafted of water-resistant aluminum that won't rust or warp.

Design Tips for Metal Blinds

Metal Blinds Ladder Tape

Ladder Tapes

Ladder tape gives our two inch blinds tailored style, while also helping to block light entering through route holes. Our Classic Twill Collection gives you plenty of complimentary or contrasting color options to choose from. The number of ladder tapes on a given blind is based on the width of the blind.

Metal Blinds light control

Light Control

All blinds have light leakage around the closed slats and route holes. You can minimize light coming in via the route holes on our two inch metal blind with ladder tape. If you want your room to be completely dark, consider layering with drapery panels.

Metal Blinds in wide windows

Wide Windows

If you have a window over 60" wide, consider ordering two or three blinds on a single headrail. Each blind can be operated separately to optimize your privacy and light control, and it's much easier to raise them when necessary. There will be a light gap between the blinds; measure so that your blinds line up with a mullion. You'll also need a place to mount the cord tensioner. We'll be glad to help you with that.

Metal Blinds cord position

Choosing Control Position

Controls can be placed together on either side of your blinds or split apart. To decide where to put them, consider how you will use them. Will you be raising, lowering and adjusting your blinds often? Or will you leave your blind lowered and just operate the tilt to control light? Are there furniture items blocking access to either side of your window?