OptiLight Shades

Why Choose OptiLight Shades?

Stylish and versatile, these innovative shades are loved for the way they let light in, maintain privacy and preserve the view. The top sheer section beautifully filters light, blocks UV rays, maintains daytime privacy and keeps cords covered. The bottom honeycomb section provides complete privacy and offers excellent energy efficiency. Lift and lower both shades to strike your ideal combination of light, shade and view. Available in 54 honeycomb colors and 13 different sheers, it's easy to find the right look for any room.

Optilight Shades

Key Benefits of OptiLight Shades

Light Filtering

The pleated top sheer on our OptiLight Shades filters and softens sunlight, while offering daytime privacy. Choose grand, petite or twin cell honeycomb shades, for the bottom, if you want to have additional filtered light.


For bedrooms, media rooms and other areas that require sun blocking, choose a blackout honeycomb fabric for the bottom shade.

Energy Efficiency

For the most energy efficiency and supreme insulation, choose the twin cell honeycomb in light filtering or blackout for the bottom shade. The pleated sheer top shade will filter sunlight to help your room feel cooler.

Room Applications for OptiLight Shades

Optilight Shades in the Bedroom or Bathroom

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Perfect for rooms that require privacy, our versatile OptiLight Shades let you enjoy filtered sunlight and the daytime view, without being visible from outside. At night the honeycomb shade provides complete privacy.

OptiLight shades in living room or family room

Family Rooms & Living Rooms

Give the busiest rooms in the house versatile style and light control, without compromising view and privacy. Light blocking honeycombs let you darken the room for movies and more.

Design Tips for OptiLight Shades

Small Windows

Choose petite cell honeycombs, for the bottom shade, to add delicate style to small windows and doors.

Child Safety

Consider either loop control or cordless OptiLight Shades in homes with young children or pets. Loop control keeps cords organized and out of reach; Cordless operates with a simple push.