Pleated Shades

Why Choose Pleated Shades?

Tailored pleats never go out of style, which is why designers return again and again to our Classic Pleated Shades and OptiPleat Shades. Their crisp, accordion-style folds add movement and structure to windows for an overall aesthetic that's both classic and versatile. A popular choice for rooms as varied as bedrooms, offices, kitchens and entryways, our Pleated Shades are handcrafted in the USA and available with an assortment of design options and upgrades. Choose from an array of fine fabrics, light filtration options and lift systems for a shade that's perfectly tailored to your space.

Pleated Shades

Key Features of Pleated Shades


Like the knife pleats on a couture gown, our Optipleat Shades create an impossibly light and unencumbered look while hidden trussing beneath does all the hard work. With the infrastructure hidden from view, there are no visible cords or holes, which means there's nowhere for light to sneak through. Choose the perfect light filtration option for you: semi-sheer, privacy weave or blackout.

Safety Upgrades

We recommend cordless shades for homes with small children and pets. Our OptiPleat Shade is available without cords; a simple push or pull of the handle lets you adjust the shade height. Classic Pleated Shades and OptiPleat Shades are also available with Loop Control, a continuous braided cord that is fastened to the wall.

Fabric Options

Layer your windows with the look of fine linens or textured woven woods. Our Classic Pleated collection features an array of attractive fabrics to choose from in both 1" and 1 7/8" pleats. Materials range from sheer to light-filtering, and optional liners offer added darkening. Our OptiPleat collection also comes in a wide range of hues in a versatile 1¾" pleat size. Choose from three levels of light filtration: semi-sheer, privacy weave or blackout.

Enjoy Your View

Our Top Down/Bottom Up option lets you enjoy light and view, as well as privacy. Shades lower from the top and raise from the bottom, allowing you to easily control the light you let in and how much you can see in or out. It's available on both Classic and OptiPleat; OptiPleat has a Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up option.

Best Room Applications for Pleated Shades

Window treatments for offices

Living Areas

Stylish and hardworking, our Pleated Shades are a smart choice for offices. Choose from a variety of neutral hues so you can relax. Multiple light filtration options make it easy to create the perfect shade for any space.

Window treatments in the kitchen


Add a crisp and tailored element to the kitchen with Pleated Shades. In a room that undergoes dramatic change throughout the day — from clean to messy to clean again — these stylish shades offer strong lines and consistent structure.

Pleated Shades Design Tips

layering pleated shades

Perfect for Layering

Pleated Shades complement a variety of interior styles and layer well with valances, cornices and drapery. Choose a neutral color and the fabric of your over-treatment will take center stage. Alternatively, combine a colorful pleated shade with a more neutral over-treatment, and your window will be more dramatic.

Pleated Shades for Wide Windows

Wide Windows

Because shades over 72" wide have seams, we recommend opting for two shades on a single headrail. Each shade can be operated separately to optimize your privacy and light control. There will be a light gap between the shades, so it's important to measure so your shades line up with a mullion. You'll also need a place to mount the cord cleat, which is something we're happy to help you with.

Pleated shade size

Choosing a Pleat Size

For wide or tall windows, choose our 1¾" OptiPleat Shade or our 1 7/8" Classic Pleated Shade. For smaller windows and doors, we recommend the 1" Classic Pleated Shade.