Why Choose Shutters?

With their classic, built-in look, shutters enhance the architectural quality of your windows, making them the only window treatment that adds value to your home. Not only are they a smart choice for light control and energy efficiency, they also help reduce noise from outdoors. All of our styles are handcrafted in the USA and are inherently cordless, making them extra safe for homes with young children. Work with our in-home designers or design your shutters yourself, and consider using our measuring and installation services (available in most areas).


Find Your Shutter Style

Wood Shutters | 2½", 3½, 4½"

Crafted by hand, Smith & Noble wood shutters are fine furniture for your windows. Our stained finishes are made of sustainably grown basswood and our painted shutters are made of premier hardwoods. Every wood shutter is specially treated to ensure it never fades in the sun and never requires tightening or adjusting.

Durawood Shutters | 2½", 3½, 4½"

Designed to resemble wood shutters, these affordable designs provide excellent light control, energy efficiency and noise reduction. They're made from dense polymers that won't crack, chip or peel, and are a great option for high-moisture settings like kitchens and bathrooms. They are precisely cut and pre-drilled for easy installation and their hand-painted finish will never yellow.

Newport Shutters | 2½", 3½, 4½"

Classically styled and crafted of eco-friendly materials, our Newport Shutters offer light control, insulation, energy efficiency and noise reduction. They're also waterproof, fire-retardant, hypo allergenic and virtually indestructible. With zero chance of fading, cracking, peeling or warping, our poly shutters are backed with a 25-year warranty.

Room Applications for Shutters

Shutters in the living room

Living Rooms

Add classic style and drama to living room windows with shutters. With an array of stains to choose from, it's easy to match or complement wood floors and furniture.

Shutters in the bathroom


Maintain classic style in the bathroom with Eco-Wood and Newport Shutters. Both offer strong lines and clean looks, along with moisture resistance not found in traditional wood shutters.

Design Tips for Shutters

Louver Size

Factor in the size of the room and ceiling height when choosing your louver size. The larger the louver, the more light and view you'll enjoy when they're open. The 3½ inch louver works in most rooms and is our most popular size. Larger rooms, especially those with views, require our 4½ inch louver. For smaller windows, choose 2½ inch.


Soften the look of shutters by adding fabric layers like panels. It's a stylish way to bring drama to the window and gain even more light control.

Divider Rails

Consider divider rails when designing your shutters. They allow you to open the top set of louvers independently of the bottom, resulting in more light and air while still maintaining privacy.