Wood Blinds

Why Choose Wood Blinds?

Elegant and enduring, our Wood Blinds combine the beauty of sustainable woods with smart window functionality. Lightweight woods like American Basswood and African Abachi are chosen for their grain detail and their ability to provide superior noise reduction, light control, insulation and privacy. Choose from over 20 finishes, along with design upgrades like cordless operation, decorative valances, ladder tapes and rounded corners. Paired with drapery or on their own, our Wood Blinds offer a look that's both timeless and inspired.

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Key Features of Wood Blinds

Slat Sizes for Every Window

With several slat sizes to choose from, it's easy to find a blind that fits your windows. Our 1 3/8 inch size is perfect for small windows and French doors. Our 2 inch slat size fits most windows and provides more view when the slats are open. Choose our 2 ¾ inch slat for your largest windows and to see more of your view when the blinds are open.

Furniture Quality Finishes

Our Wood Blinds are crafted one slat at a time for a look that's stylish and enduring. Each slat is carefully stained and sealed with quality finishes that bring out the wood's natural beauty. Our Vintage finish enhances the unique characteristics of the wood beneath for a warm, rustic look. Our Tuscan finish highlights the refined grain of the wood. Our new Heritage finish features a rich ombre look seen in high-end furniture and cabinetry. Our Urban finish brings a warm, textured look to windows using neutral grey tones that highlight the heavy grain of the wood below.

Details Make the Difference

Our Wood Blinds far exceed those of our competitors. They're crafted with a custom-fit wood valance, which is stained to match the slats. Cord tassels and wands are made from wood, not plastic, and are stained to perfectly match the blinds. The bottom rail is designed to fit tightly to the sill for a more finished look, and to ensure the best possible light blocking, we use more slats.

Cordless Option

Give your space a cleaner look with Cordless Wood Blinds. They raise and lower with a simple pull or push on the center, and the slats open with a tilt wand. Cordless window treatments are the safest option for homes with young children or pets. You will need to be able to reach the top of the window to raise the blind fully.

Tip: To operate, pull only from the center of the bottom rail. Pulling the blind more from one side or the other will cause the blind to hang unevenly.

Room Applications for Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds in the Family room


With their classic style, privacy and light control, Wood Blinds are a popular choice for bedrooms. Their clean lines and easy functionality bring a calming warmth to the room. Choose from one of our fine finishes to get the look that suits your particular space.

Wood Blinds in the Game Room

Family Room

Wood Blinds provide smart and stylish window coverage for any family gathering space. Choose from a range of slat sizes to perfectly complement the size of your windows. Hand finished in your choice of paint or stain color, Wood Blinds add a classic architectural element to your home.

Wood Blind Design Tips

Light Control

All blinds have light leakage around closed slats and route holes. Choose our Routeless Option, use Ladder Tape or layer with Drapery to maximize light control.

Wood Blinds ladder tapes

Ladder Tapes

Ladder tape gives blinds tailored style and helps block light entering through route holes. Our classic herringbone collection adds eye-catching appeal (available in all slat sizes). Our Linen collection is designed to coordinate with our fabric drapes to make layering easy (available in all slat sizes). Our Shimmer collection adds a subtle metallic sheen (available on 2 inch slats). The classic twill collection features a large variety of color options.


Add architectural drama to blinds with one of our valances. Crown style valances angle upward to draw the eye and give the appearance of larger windows (outside mount only). Classic valances have straight corners and are available for inside or outside mount. Both Classic and Crown valances come in your choice of three styles.

Two Blinds, One Valance

For windows over 60 inches wide, we recommend ordering two blinds with one valance. Each can be operated separately to optimize privacy and light control, and for general ease of use. Precise measuring will help minimize the light gap between blinds.