Building on our commitment to your health and safety

Want one of our experts to come into your home? Rest assured that our installers and designers will be following all precautions set by the CDC (and then some!) so we are not putting your family at risk.

We are in this together. With you.

Our In-Home Safety Standards include:


Designers and installers wear a cloth or hospital grade face cover upon entry and remain masked throughout the appointment.


Our designers and installers wear disinfected, disposable gloves to prevent transmission of the disease through touch.

Washed Hands

Designers and installers are required to wash hands with soap and hot water throughout the day.


Anyone entering your home, must use sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol. Additionally, all workers must disinfect tools prior to arriving and when they leave.


Designers and installers in the field are required to take their temperature throughout the day to make sure it is normal.

Social Distance

Designers and installers are required to maintain a 6 feet minimum distance from homeowner or customer.


All installers wear disinfected, disposable booties in the house so there is no contact through street shoes.


We require designers and installers to adhere to our COVID-19 assessment checklist. Anyone with COVID-like symptoms is required to stay at home.