Please see below for our abbreviated call center hours of operation during the COVID-19 crisis. We apologize for longer than normal hold times that you may experience during this period.

We can be reached at 888-214-2134, or you can send an email by clicking here.

Sales Hours

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday - Friday: 6 am PT - 5 pm PT
Saturday: 7 am PT - 4 pm PT

Care Hours

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday - Friday: 7 am PT - 5 pm PT
Saturday: CLOSED

Live Chat Hours

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday - Friday: 8 am PT - 5 pm PT
Saturday: CLOSED

We believe in WE.

At Smith & Noble, family and home are at the heart of everything we do. Never has this value been more applicable. Never has home been such a sanctuary. Never before has the power of “we” been more important.

Shelter-in-place guidelines related to the COVID-19 crisis have been instituted in Riverside County, California, where we have our headquarters. We are once again working from home to protect employees and customers and prevent the virus from spreading. We’re still working a reduced schedule and hope to return to some semblance of normal soon. Given that this is not normal operating procedure for us, we hope you’ll be understanding of and patient with any temporary disruptions you may encounter in our customer service. Rest assured, we’re doing our very best.

This is a scary time, but it will eventually pass. During this trying time, we encourage you to appreciate the precious time you have with your family. Should you be inspired to transform your home, we are here to help with a full team of Video Designers, ready to provide virtual in-home design consultation. If you have any questions regarding upcoming design appointments, please contact your designer directly (contact information is in your email confirmation) or call us at 844-221-1548.

Finally, to those on the front lines, on the street, in the hospital and in the grocery stores - from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. To all our customers, stay safe.