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Bold, classic and dreamy, our impeccably-crafted Drapes and Curtains are synonymous with home. Create a look that is all yours with styles to fit every décor and any window - no matter how wide or tall. All our Drapes are finished by hand with double-turned, blind-stitched hems and weighted corners for a perfect fall.
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Get free design help. We’ll bring your vision to life with expert design solutions.

 Get free design help. We’ll bring your vision to life with expert design solutions to create beautiful, functionals results.

Inspiration for your home

With any design project you’ll want to evaluate your functional needs and determine your creative vision. Here are some ideas by function to get you started.

Warm. Simple. Classic. Drapes - also known as curtains - add classic beauty, dimension and movement to a room along with functionality around privacy and light control.

Bold and modern, Wave Drapery is a customer favorite with its natural, beautifully-shaped folds that stack neatly when the draperies are opened. More traditional Pleated Drapes have a stiffened header that allows for crisper folds.

Casual Drapes have a soft, relaxed header - great for everything from living room curtains to kitchen curtains.

Finally, drapery hardware is like jewelry for your window and can fit your most unique installation needs.