Why Choose Custom Drapery?

Drapery and panels let you define your windows with a style that is decidedly yours. That's why they're the treatment of choice for showcase settings like living rooms, formal dining rooms and master bedrooms. Along with beauty and style, they offer practical benefits like improved insulation, especially when lined or layered with sheers. With over a dozen styles and thousands of fabrics to choose from, our custom drapery collection makes it easy to truly fine tune a room. Create an extraordinary window with our nearly infinite variety of custom panels, as well as our quick, easy and affordable curtains and drapes.

Curtains and Drapery

Drapery Styles

Pleated Drapery

Neat, crisp pleats add a tailored element to your space. Choose Single or X Pleat for a simple, modern effect. Pinch Pleat and Parisian Pleat give your space a more traditional look and feel. Mount using any of our hardware collections.

Wave Drapery

Beautifully shaped folds add elegance to your space. They stack neatly when closed and then return to their just-right spacing when pulled open. Metro Track, Deco Metal Track, Euro Track Basics or Lexington Hardware required.

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Casual Drapery

Softer, more relaxed drapery works well in a variety of modern spaces. Pair Casual Drapery with an array of under treatments for a look that's always fresh. Mount using any of our non-traversing hardware.

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Choose Your Length

Cafe Curtains

Café Curtains

A longtime favorite for kitchens and breakfast nooks, this classic design lets you showcase on-trend fabrics while letting in natural light.

Floor Length Drapery

Floor Length

This popular and versatile look has your drapery ending just above the floor. It's the ideal length for panels that will be opened and closed frequently. Measure to your floor and then subtract one-half inch.

Slight Break on floor with drapery

Slight Break

This slightly long length softens the look of your windows for a casual, more relaxed feel. It's best for stationary draperies and side panels. Measure to your floor, then add one to two inches.

Puddling drapery


Give windows a more formal look with this dramatic length. It's best for stationary draperies and side panels. Measure to your floor, then add four to ten inches.


Custom hardware collections

Custom Collections

With our custom drapery hardware, there's no challenge you can't meet and no look you can't achieve. Crafted with interior designer quality (often, we're the only place you can find these looks outside of hiring a designer), they allow you to meet the most unique installation needs. Use them for inside mounts, ceiling mounts, small spaces, corner windows, bay windows and more.

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Tiebacks are an elegant way to hold your panels in place. Choose tassel tiebacks for a more traditional look, or a tie band for a simple, modern look. We offer coordinating hardware tiebacks in most of our collections.

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Design Tips for Drapery

Ribbon Banding

Add an extra design element to drapery and panels. Decorative ribbon banding lets you stylishly tie together colors and themes within a space.

Make Windows Seem Larger

Give smaller windows a larger appearance by taking your drapery up to the ceiling or crown molding, and adding six to ten inches on each side of the window.


Lining adds fullness and body to drapery while also protecting it from the harmful effects of sunlight (it's required on sun-sensitive fabrics like silk). Not only does it lengthen the life of your drapery, it also enhances light control, privacy, insulation and noise reduction.