Sheer Shadings

Why choose Sheer Shadings?

Designed with all the elegance of fine sheers and the practical function of classic blinds, these innovative shades give you the best of both worlds. When open, the knit fabric sheers warmly diffuse light. When closed, the soft fabric vanes offer complete privacy. Choose from over 50 color and patterns to create the perfect shade for your space.

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Benefits of Sheer Shadings

Fabric Selections

Our array of light-filtering and light-dimming fabrics lets you perfectly tailor just how much sunlight will come through your shades. Choose from our stylish selection of colors and patterns to get the look you want.

Safety Upgrades

Ideal for homes with children or pets, our exclusive cordless design lets you safely raise and lower your shades with a simple push or pull of the handle.

Privacy & Light Control

With the sheers open, you can enjoy diffused light and some privacy. When closed, they offer full privacy and light control.

Greenguard & Indoor Air Quality Certified

Our fabrics are certified by GREENGUARD, which means they've met rigorous standards for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions. They also meet the stringent health and environmental standards set by schools and healthcare institutions.

Room Applications for Sheer Shadings

Sheer Shadings for Living Rooms

Living Rooms

With their elegant fabrics and neutral styling, Sheer Shadings are a popular choice for large living room windows. With their great light control, you set the stage for family gatherings at any time of day.

Sheer Shadings for Dining Rooms

Dining Rooms

Dress up the dining room with the look of elegant sheers. These stylish shades let you control the light, and they layer beautifully with a variety of designs.

Design Tips for Sheer Shadings

Side by side placement of Sheer Shadings

Side-By-Side Alignment

A smart solution for side-by-side windows. We can guarantee vane alignment within ¼ of an inch when you order multiple shades in the same color.

view through for sheer shadings


Choose our three-inch vanes to maximize the amount of view-through you'll have when your shades are fully open. UV rays will be blocked, sunlight will be filtered and you'll enjoy seeing the great outdoors.

Layering with sheer shadings


Our versatile Sheer Shadings are perfect for layering. Add a valance or cornice for a clean, modern look or add fabric panels for warmth and drama.

How to Use the Power Lift Upgrade

Adjust shade height and vane position by pressing and holding the up or down button, until you reach the desired shade position.