Top Down/Bottom Up

Why Order the Upgrade?

Because the sun is always moving and your need for privacy will vary throughout the day, it's important to have shades that are highly adjustable. Top Down/Bottom Up gives you the freedom to raise your shades from the bottom or lower them from the top. No matter what your light, view and privacy'll always have the perfect coverage.

Top Down/Bottom Up

Design Styles & Features

Maximum Light Control & Privacy

With Top Down/Bottom Up, you have the ability to lower your shade from the top or raise it from the bottom. If you're seeking lots of light as well as privacy, simply lower the shade from the top and the leave the bottom all the way down.

Cordless Option

A lack of cords adds to the clean look of the shades, and it's the safest option for homes with young children and pets. Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up is available on Honeycomb Shades and Luxe Linen Shades.

Available on Most Products

Top Down/Bottom Up is available on our most popular products. It adds flexibility and precise coverage to: Natural Woven Flat Fold Shades, Honeycomb Shades, Luxe Linen Shades, Classic Pleated Shades, Flat Roman Fabric Shades, Classic Roman Fabric Shades and Reverse Classic Roman Fabric Shades.

Loop Control Option

Loop Control is a beaded or braided continuous loop that runs along the side of your shade. It allows for precise placement of your shade and contributes to a clean and stylish looking window. Loop Control Top Down/Bottom Up is available on Honeycomb Shades and Luxe Linen Shades.

Best Room Applications for Top Down/Bottom Up

Top Down/Bottom Up

Rooms with a View

In rooms with beautiful views, it's especially important to have flexible coverage. Top Down/Bottom Up lets you place your shade exactly where you need it so you can better appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors, while also controlling light and privacy.
Top Down/Bottom Up Light Control


With their flexible coverage and steamlined style, Top Down/Bottom Up shades are a must-have for bedroom windows. They let you layer for privacy, while also allowing light and air into the room. Find your perfect balance of light, shade and privacy.

Design Tips for Top Down/Bottom Up

Top Down/Bottom Up

Consider the Room

Some rooms are perfectly suited for Top Down/Bottom Up shades. They are often the rooms in your home that require more privacy (bedrooms, bathrooms and street-facing family areas) as well as spaces that require highly adjustable light coverage (media rooms and offices).
Top Down/Bottom Up

Multiple Windows

With their clean look and flexible light coverage, Top Down/Bottom Up Shades are a popular option for rooms with multiple windows. Their streamlined style lends itself to repeating windows and their high adjustability lets you custom tailor the light, view and privacy of an entire wall or room.

Try DualView

Looking for more light control? Consider our DualView Honeycomb Shades, which feature a top sheer section that beautifully filters light and maintains privacy. The bottom honeycomb section offers complete privacy and excellent energy efficiency, and each can be lifted and lowered to strike the right combination of light, shade and view. Learn More >