Top Treatments

Why add a top treatment?

In the same way a great accessory can transform an outfit, top treatments can dramatically change the look and feel of a window. What was once an ordinary element of the room suddenly becomes a stylish focal point. By framing the top of the window, cornice and valances add a sense of height and drama, and give windows a more tailored and designed look. Hang them on their own or pair them with under treatments; layered over shades, blinds or panels, they help lower energy bills by greatly reducing heat loss. They also are a stylish way of keeping headrails concealed.

Valances and Cornices

Valances vs. Cornices

What is a Valance?

A valance is a decorative top treatment that's crafted mostly of fabric. Alone or paired with under treatments, valances add a colorful, designer touch to windows. They enhance the proportions of windows, add softness to the room and conceal the headrail of blinds and shades.

What is a Cornice?

A cornice is a decorative top treatment that's crafted of wood or metal. They add the refined look of a built-in, structural element to the top of the window. Alone or paired with under treatments, they give modern and traditional spaces a finished look and feel.

Valance Styles

Rod Mounted Valances

Rod Mounted Valances

The classic look of a rod-mounted valance lets you add color and style to windows at a relatively low cost. They come standard with an easy-to-install drapery rod.

Board Mounted Valances

Board Mounted Valances

Introduce color and pattern to the room with a board-mounted valance. Your choice of fabric is attached to a solid wood board on top for a look that's both classic and tailored.

Natural Woven Waterfall Valances

Natural Woven Waterfall Valance

Add a touch of nature to the top of your window. Handcrafted natural materials fall in simple folds for a clean, casual look. Available in two heights, 12" with two folds, or 18" with three folds. This valance style can be mounted inside the window for an even cleaner appearance, and the materials can be lined for privacy or to block light.

Cornice Styles

Fabric Covered Cornices

Fabric–Covered Cornices

Fabric-covered cornices let you introduce a fashion element into the room while also maintaining a clean and structured look. From bright patterns to subtle solids, our range of fabric options let you strike the perfect note. Fabric-covered cornices are the designer's solution to hiding the hardware components of blinds and shades.

Wood Cornices

Wood Cornices

Add instant architecture to windows with classically styled wood cornices available in a range of painted and stained finishes. Carefully crafted with furniture-quality detailing, our collection includes two distinguished carved-wood styles, making it easy to find the look, proportion and price to fit your space.

Bamboo Cornices

Bamboo Cornices

Perfect for adding a touch of nature to an indoor space, this beautifully crafted design brings subtle texture to the top of the window. Perfect for adding a touch of nature to an indoor space, this beautifully crafted design brings subtle texture to the top of the window. It's skillfully made of solid wood with a stylish, real bamboo face.

Aluminum Cornices

Aluminum Cornices

With clean lines and fine finishes, aluminum cornices can really complete a modern space. Choose from a range of metal looks or go with one of our wood finishes, designed to pair perfectly with our wood blind collection.

Design Tips

Choosing a Fabric

We recommend reserving prints and patterns for flat or tailored top treatments. After all, pleats, swags and folds tend to interrupt the look established by a bold pattern or print. Also, keep in mind the size of your valance when choosing the scale of your print. For small windows and slim cornices, small-scale patterns, prints and solids are best. Similarly, the weight of your fabric should correspond to the size of your top treatment — heavier weight fabrics pair best with large windows.

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Energy Savings

Wasting precious energy? All of our cornices and board-mounted valances come with a dust cover, which significantly increases energy efficiency when paired with drapes.


Learning to Layer

Our blinds, shades and panels are designed to look great on their own. However, layering them with the right top treatment lets you stylishly resolve a variety of design and structural issues.

  • Windows too small?

    To create a larger, more dramatic window, try combining drapery panels (mounted high and wide) with a cornice or valance.

  • Unsightly Headrails?

    Any of our cornices and valances will make the hardware components of your blinds or shades virtually disappear.

  • Disjointed Space?

    Unify the colors and patterns in the room with a fabric cornice or valance. Combined with a coordinating under-treatment, it will help set the tone for the entire space.

  • Windows Too Low?

    A cornice or valance mounted close to the ceiling, and covering the gap between the wall and window, will add instant height to windows. Layer in panels that run all the way to the floor for an extra-elongating and dramatic effect.