Motivia® Motorization FAQ's

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What is the Motivia Wand? How does it work?

The Motivia Wand is a narrow wand with a pendant that attaches to your shade. The pendant allows you to control the height of your shade with easy-to-use buttons for up/down operation. It's available on our Roller Shades, Solar Shades and Sheer Shadings.

What is the Motivia Remote control? How does it work?

The Motivia Remote control is a small wireless control that operates your motorized shade or blind. It can control up to five shades, or five groups of shades, in a single room and features an easy-to-use interface. It's available on our Roller Shades, Solar Shades, Luxe Linen Honeycomb Shades, Sheer Shadings, Pleated Shades and Durawood Blinds.

How strong is the Motivia Remote control? Can I use it from great distances?

Motivia Remote controls are effective up to 230 feet from the shade they are operating (Durawood Blinds up to 65 feet).

How many shades or blinds can I operate with my Motivia Remote control?

Motivia Remote controls can operate up to five shades or groups of shades, plus an option to operate all shades simultaneously.

Can I control groups of shades with a single remote?

Yes. You can use the multi-channel remote control to operate individual shades or a group of shades. You can program each button on this remote to correspond to a single shade, or to a select group of shades that you wish to control simultaneously.

Can I program my shades to open to a particular position?

Yes. You can tailor your Motivia shades to open (or close) to your desired position. Each shade comes with pre-programmed limits, which you can reset using your Motivia remote control or wand.
Please download and review the motorization guide for the type of shade you purchased here.

What kind of batteries are required for Motivia motorization?

The battery pack requires eight AA alkaline batteries; the remote control requires one 3V battery (CR2032 for Roller Shades, Solar Shades, Sheer Shadings, Honeycomb Shades, Natural Woven Shades, Fabric Shades & Pleated Shades; CR2450 for Durawood Blinds).

How often will I need to replace the batteries in my battery pack?

Battery life is dependent on the size and type of shade you've chosen, as well has how often it is opened and closed each day.

Are batteries included with my shade?

Yes. Batteries are included in the battery pack and remote.

How do I know when it's time to replace the batteries?

When your batteries are running out of life, your shades will begin moving at a slower speed or may beep when operated. This is your indication that it's time to replace your batteries.

Where are the batteries installed?

Batteries are housed within the slim external pack. If you have the Motivia Remote, there is a separate battery in the back of the remote.

Can I use rechargeable batteries?

We do not recommend using rechargeable batteries with Motivia motorization. Rechargeable batteries have a high "self-discharge current" and don't hold a charge for very long. Most rechargeable batteries will be drained within a few months.

Will Wi-Fi interfere with the operation of my Motivia shades?

No. Wi-Fi and other wireless devices should not interfere with your Motivia shades. While other motorized shade brands have experienced interference issues, ours have not.

I have two identical shades next to each other. Will they move at the same speed?

Because each shade motor functions independently, it's possible that they may operate at slightly different speeds. Their speed will depend on many factors, including friction forces, battery type and charge strength.

Will I damage my motorized shade if I try to operate it manually?

Yes. Do not operate your shade manually. If your shade is not functioning properly, please contact us at 800.248.8888 so we can help you troubleshoot the problem. Durawood Blind motorization rotates the slats only - blinds can be raised and lowered manually.

Can I switch a battery-powered shade to a DC powered shade?

Yes. Simply unplug the battery pack and replace with a DC charger. The charger will connect your shade to a nearby outlet in your home.

Does the Motivia remote control for Durawood Blinds rotate the slats opened and closed as well as raise and lower the blind?

No. Motivia motorization for Durawood Blinds will rotate the slats opened and closed only. You can raise and lower the blind using our Easy Lift Cordless upgrade or standard Cord Lift.

Does all motorized product use the same remote control?

No. Durawood Blinds use a different remote than all other shades. The Durawood Blind remote cannot be used for any other product.