Shade materials complement your design style while solving the functional needs of your space. Your choice of material dictates how much light comes into your room, and how much privacy you have, when the shade is lowered. Choose from a variety of materials, ranging from fabrics to woven woods, to get the look you like.
  1. Get free design help. We’ll help bring your vision to life.

    Get free design help. We’ll help bring your vision to life.

Shades are evergreen treatments that complement design while solving functional needs. Styles vary widely and your choice of material affects and enhances your light and privacy control - especially when layered over blackout shades.

Cellular Shades are designed for Energy Efficiency and will fit just about any window shape including Arches, Skylights, Sliders and small windows with pops of color and style.

Woven Shades are made of wood, grasses, jute and bamboo and bring nature into your home while adding a boho polish to your décor.

Roman Shades - sometimes known as Roman Blinds - offer the softness of drapes with the practicality of shades and come in a myriad of colors, styles and patterns.

Roller Shades - ubiquitous and classic - come in hundreds of different colors and materials.

Solar Shades complement sleek décor and are flexible with opacity - perfect for sun-drenched spaces that need view-through.

Sheer Shades - with their connected slats - combine the softness of sheers with the light control of blinds.