If all else fails, simply REBOOT and RELINK, and begin the entire programming process over. REBOOT and RELINK is also known as, "When in Doubt, Clear it Out". Follow these instructions to REBOOT and RELINK.

  1. Hold the Settings* button down. For Honeycomb Shades, you will need to first remove the shade from the window to get to the Settings button. Once the red Settings button is located, hold it down. The motor will jog during this time and sound like (jog, jog/jog). After the shade completes a single set of jogs, release the red button.
  2. Hold the Settings button down again. However, this time hold it ONLY long enough so that the shade jogs ONCE. Release the button as soon as it jogs.
  3. Select the desired channel on the remote.
  4. Flip the remote over to reveal the two buttons, C-Confirm and L-Limit.
  5. Press and hold the Confirm button (left side button) until the shade jogs. Note: If the shade does not respond, repeat Step 2 above to link shade to remote.
  6. Press and hold the Limit button (right side button) until the shade jogs.
  7. Push and release the Up or Down button for more than 2 seconds, to move the shade to the desired upper or lower positions.
  8. When the shade nears your desired upper or lower positions, press the Stop button.
  9. Press the Up or Down buttons for less than 2 seconds, to adjust your shade to the precisely desired upper or lower limit. The shade will jog one step each time you press Up or Down.
  10. When the shade has reached the desired location, press and hold the Confirm button until the shade jogs. Your limit is now set.
  11. Repeat steps 7 - 10 to set your opposite (either upper or lower) limit.
  12. Run the shade up and down to be sure the limits are set correctly.

* Honeycomb Settings button is located on the top of the motor inside the shade

** Solar/Roller, Natural Woven and Fabric Shade Settings button is located on the underside of motor of shades.

For more information download our Operating & Programming Motivia™ Guide

roller shade remote diagramroller shade remote diagram
roller shade motor reset buttonroller shade motor reset button